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1979 - 1985: The foundational years

1979: Entrepreneur U. Gary Charlwood envisions creating a global travel agency network using proven franchising methods
1980: Uniglobe Travel International establishes headquarters in Vancouver, Canada,
1981: U. Gary Charlwood’s dream is realized when he opens the first Uniglobe franchise in Cranbrook, BC, Canada
1982: Uniglobe expands to United States and opens first franchise in Ohio
1983: Uniglobe hosts first international convention in Nassau, Bahamas
1984: Uniglobe holds first Chairman's Circle event in Miami to recognize top performing locations

1986 - 1995: Building on the base & first global steps

1987: Uniglobe creates Software for Agency Management (SAM), back office accounting software that revolutionizes an industry still rooted in paper accounting
1988: Uniglobe launches Uniglobe Travel Central Services and proprietary traveller assistance center, 7/24 Rescue Line
1988: The company breaks $1B mark in annual sales
1989: A Uniglobe location is featured in Hill Valley, California (2015) - the fictional future setting of “Back to the Future II”
1990:Uniglobe expands to the United Kingdom with first London location
1991: Uniglobe expands to Asia with first location in Tokyo
1992: Founder & Chairman U. Gary Charlwood receives Entrepreneur of the Year award from International Franchise Association (IFA)
1993: International expansion continues with establishment of Belgium/Luxembourg Region
1995: Uniglobe expands to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

1995 - 2011: Perseverance and adaptation through industry turbulence

1995: At the international convention held just three months after the first commission cuts, Uniglobe uses the venue as a springboard to the rally the system behind a new business model, pioneering the move to TMC service fees.
1997: As internet usage grows, Uniglobe founds groundbreaking and award-winning online travel agency, Uniglobe.com
1998: Uniglobe expands to Middle East
1999: Uniglobe launches Uniglobe Travel Center, an early entrant to the booming host agency model, providing fulfillment and support center for US home-based travel agents
2000: Uniglobe expands to Italy and South Africa
2001: Just month's before the September 11 terror attacks stall the North American travel industy, Uniglobe opens new Regional Operation in India
2005: Uniglobe opens in Hong Kong and Shanghai 
2006: Uniglobe pivots to new global expansion model centered around brand affiliation for successful independent agencies in key markets
2006: Uniglobe World Congress is held in Paris, the first event to take place outside North America and the Caribbean, representing the company’s permanent shift to a true global footprint
2007: Uniglobe expands to Mexico and Central America
2008: Uniglobe Founder, Chairman & CEO, U. Gary Charlwood is inducted into the International Franchise Association (IFA) Hall of Fame
2009: Uniglobe expands to Australia
2009: Uniglobe Founder, Chairman & CEO, U. Gary Charlwood is inducted into the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Hall of Fame
2010: Uniglobe expands to Brazil and Argentina, plus several more European countries
2010: Icelandic volcanic erruption causes months-long disruption to North Atlantic travel
2011: Uniglobe celebrates 30th anniversary at Chairman's Circle in Hong Kong (first event in Asia)

2012- 2021: Expansion of markets and service offerings in lead up to 40 year recognition

2012: Uniglobe launches Global Solutions, a special service offering for complex multi-national accounts
2014: Company launches Uniglobe Travel Companion App, enabling agencies to offer clients a branded customer service and itinerary management tool
2016: Uniglobe launches its MICE network, a group of Uniglobe agencies specializing in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events
2017: Uniglobe continues significant global expansion with 10 agencies added across five continents
2020: Uniglobe launches first-ever brand refresh with a new logo, colour palette and brand identity, reinforcing its long-term customer commitment  
2021: Uniglobe commemorates 40th anniversary with year-long campaign to celebrate business and customer success: “Putting You First for 40 Years”