Finding the Inflight Charging Ports

March 05, 2019

Keeping your devices charged during a trip is often a challenge, but these days a flight is a great place to restore that battery level. While it is nowhere near universal, many airlines offer power or USB ports on their aircraft. In many cases, ports are only offered in certain seats such as first class and the extra legroom seats at the front of economy, while others may include USB ports at ever seat.

On Delta aircraft with seatback TVs, you can find a USB port built into the TV panel for every passenger.  Some other airlines with seatback TVs will also have this, but for domestic US travel, most other airlines are removing them.

The next most common places to look for power ports are in between the seats, where there would be 2 ports shared amongst a group of 3 seats.  They are either just beneath the level of the seat cushion or at the back of the seat in front of you just beneath the arm that holds the tray table.

The most hidden USB ports we’ve seen are on the end of the armrest.  Depending on the bevelled design of the armrest, these might be well hidden from view.

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